8 Insanely Productive Things to Do While Watching Television


Even the most exhilarating and popular TV shows on your DTH connection leave you plagued with long and boring commercial breaks where you’d just sit and wait for it to get over and done with. This just ends up killing the mojo of watching your favourite TV shows on DTH connection and hardly ever you feel a satisfied feeling after watching TV.

Ok, so the statistics say that an average person watches television for around 3 hours every day and needless to say that other productive things are held up during that period. So, here’s a simple and effective way of staying productive even during watching television on your DTH connection to kill your time as well as attend to some work too:

  1. Make Your Weekend Plans

Admit it, we end up doing the most menial tasks in front of the television like making your coming weekend plans, doing some movie bookings, asking friends on their plans or following up to make sure that your plans are all settled.

  1. Sort The Pile

Collect all the junk and unattended papers lying in your cabinets and do the mundane task of sorting through the junk while watching TV. Sort and keep the important bills, receipts, and other papers while putting away the other not required pile for shredding or recycling.

  1. Scavenge Your Inbox

We all have plenty of those unwanted and spam emails in our inbox that don’t really require much attention to deal with. So, when you’re back from work and killing time in front of television on your DTH connection after being back from work, just attend to that inbox. Delete the spam ones and choose a time in your calendar to stick to the important ones.

  1. Make Meal Plan

Make a meal plan for the days or week ahead and get set to do the meal prep already. Chop any veggies for the meals and store them in containers. If you order groceries online, sit down to make the grocery list, or even better, just order them right away. Make more use of your DTH connection than what’s advertised!

  1. Pay Your Bills

While the commercial breaks are on, just pick up the bills you sorted from that pile of papers you just sorted and get set to pay them online. It hardly takes a minute for the utility bills to pay as you don’t really need to go in much detail on the bill. If you’ve received your credit card bill, set aside a time and look in detail.

  1. Fold Your Laundry

This is one job that everyone keeps procrastinating and the pile keeps on getting bigger and huger. So the best way to do away with this menial job is to keep the pile for your television time on your DTH connection and just get done with that. That way, the job gets done and you don’t even feel much stress of the chores too.

  1. Declutter Your Handbag

To tell you, this is my favourite thing to do while I’m watching television and I actually look forward to it. So just take your bag with you when you sit to watch your favourite show on your DTH connection and clean out the clutter. Throw away the old bill receipts, expired metro card, discard old makeup stuff, and arrange the items to use properly. Trust me, you’ll feel much lighter and upbeat about the whole thing.

  1. Do Some Stretching & Lunges

It feels great to multitask and fills you with a sense of euphoria once you’re done with the chores. You can stretch while sitting and do some light exercises, lunges is one of them. They are great for your leg and calf muscles and help toning your legs too. Do them during commercial breaks on your DTH connection and you’ll end up having stronger and toner calves in no time.

Now that you’ve done all these chores while watching your favourite shows on your DTH connection, it’s time to just sit back and relax to let the day unwind.

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