Do You Know When to Get an Oil Change?

car engine oil

If you own a car, you understand the fact that the maintenance part is not optional. Apart from keeping the parts running, changing the oil and having enough oil for your engine keeps your car running. The oil cools and lubricates the engine and this ensures that there is no grinding of parts that could cause wear and tear. For that reason, the oiling part of the car should be taken with the level of seriousness it deserves because that is what gets the car going. It is the only way you can avoid spending on the damages caused to the engine or other parts of the car that get damaged from engine failure.

car engine oil

There are several ways you can tell that your car engine has failed such as strange noises coming out of the car, smelly odors from the car, high levels of gas consumption, smoke from the exhaust and engine power loss among others. To avoid all the trouble, you need to be aware on how regularly you should get an oil change. An observed routine of changing oil comes with quite a number of benefits such as filtering any debris that could get to your engine, and generally protecting the moving parts of the engine due to the lubrication. So, how should you tell when to get an oil change for your engine?

How to know your car needs an oil change

Here are a number of ways in which you can tell that you need an oil change for your car;

  • Your engine makes strange noises; an engine that is not well lubricated will always make noises due to the grinding against each other of the parts. When you have run out of oil or the present oil is dirty, the noise or a shaky start should inform you it is time to change the oil for a clean one if the present one is dirty, or add some more if you have completely run out of some. An oil leak is one of the main reasons why your car engine may run out of oil and therefore the need to identify the problem before you spend too much on oil refilling. The engine noise is one of the signals you should be aware of, now to the next one.
  • The light for ‘check engine’ lights up; if your car’s check engine light comes on, then you should take action which in most cases has to do with an oil change. The lighting up is usually a warning that the engine could have run out of lubricating oil or the one in it is dirty and therefore the need to change it for a clean one.
  • Smelly odor inside the car cabin; such a smell could mean that there is an oil leak which causes the car to overheat. This is a very risky affair because the overheating can actually start fire or lead to damage of other parts of the vehicle that will require you fix or replace them. A smelly odor should call for your attention right away for an oil change.
  • Exhaust smoke; a smoky exhaust pipe should never be ignored. This is because it could be a sign of oil leak in the engine which is a potential fire ignition risk. It could also mean that some parts of the engine are damaged. All this could be a sign for you that time is ripe for an oil change and also a diagnostic check at the repair shop for other potentially related problems to be fixed.

A covered 3,000 miles without an oil change; there is this golden rule about changing your car engine oil for every 3,000 miles covered. It is an applicable rule for some car owners but you can always consult a trusted mechanic on the same so that you can have the idea on how often you should have an oil change for your car’s engine to run smoothly.

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