OTT Platforms Key Features That Skyrocketed Their Popularity


Watching the TV programs as per schedule is becoming a thing of the past now with more than around 30 online video and live TV streaming platforms in India that let you watch live TV shows and videos. There are several reasons behind the popularity of OTT apps that offer to stream live TV shows – cheaper and high-speed internet being the primary cause of it.

Moreover, younger audiences (and even the older ones) are increasingly getting resilient and hate being tied to the DTH to watch their favourite TV shows when they know they can practically take their television anywhere with these OTT apps to watch live TV shows.

Going by the industry secrets and statistics characterizing the popularity of the online streaming platforms, television screens will soon be a thing of the past and will be replaced far and wide in the next 10 years.

Here’s a look at the features that have helped OTT platforms literally skyrocket with the number of subscribers:

Ad-Free Offline Viewing

Most online streaming sites and apps follow a model called AVOD (Ad-based Video on Demand) that enables the users to skip a digital advertising after a mandatory watch for some seconds which counts in their revenue. The constant rise in the subscriber base of OTT platforms has pushed the advertisers and marketers to adopt this model as well as ticker-based ad approach to maximize the return. What viewers get in return is a fantastic online live TV show experience with minimal or no disruption at all.

Multi-Screen Video Streaming

Almost all online streaming platforms offer the option of watching live TV shows and other content on more than one screens making them adopt a multiscreen approach only for the benefit of the consumers. Since the idea behind was the cord cutting, this proved to be one step ahead in the popularity of these apps as it liberated the viewers to watch their favourite content on whatever screen they want; be it laptop, tablets, smartphones, or iPads.

This is a no brainer to crack that online streaming platforms offering live TV shows, regional shows including Kannada shows, web series, and Hindi movies online are here to rule the OTT space and will continue to grow by manifolds.

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