Watcho – The Best OTT Platform App in India

watcho - Bhai The Lion

Dish TV recently ventured into the OTT platform with the launch of Watcho app. Currently, the app is offering content in three regional Indian languages- Hindi, Telegu, and Kannada. It has a library of short films that lasts over 1000 plus hours. The company is focusing on creating youth-centric content. Short and entertaining content is the current focus.

The launch of Watcho app happened just after the launch of DishSMRT Stick that allows the subscribers to stream content through the internet. You have to download this app to stream live Tv and other videos.

Watch full HD movies online on live TV channels. To mark an iconic entry into the digital video content marketing platform, it launched an original show ‘Vote the Hell’ that features prominent comedians on the Indian elections. There are various other original contents endorsed by Watcho like Mission Breaking News, Chhoriyan, Rakthta Chandana and more. They also launched some influencer shows like Look I Can Cook, Bikhare Hain Alfaaz, etc. Dish TV is offering introductory offers to all its subscribers.

Download the app for free or watch shows on the web. Watcho has also collaborated with IFP Campus Connect for short films contest in over 25 colleges in India. The company aims to reach over 10 million users in the 1st year.

A unique feature of Watcho is user-generated content that allows users to showcase the content and be in the celebrity spotlight. You can also live stream TV channels like Zee TV HD, Zee News, TLC World, Zee Cinema HD, Fox Travel, and many more. Based on the viewing patterns of the user, a custom content recommendation is given to the audience.

Watcho is the best on-the-go entertainment app to have on your mobile phone. Download today to enjoy non-stop entertainment.

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